Technical Assistance Strategies

Technical Assistance Strategies

Technical Assistance Strategies

The Region 4/SPAN Team applies the ASAPconnect’s foundational competencies: skills and knowledge; interpersonal skills; professionalism; and evaluation skills to offer the following premier technical assistance services:


Need relevant and meaningful professional development opportunities targeted for Expanded Learning professionals? The Region 4/SPAN Team provides learning opportunities through interactive activities that build skills and knowledge based on explicit learning objectives. Relevant training topics include Common Core State Standards in English and Mathematics; Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Technology (STEAM); arts integration; program administration; youth development, and more.


Need ongoing support to improve work performance? The Region 4/SPAN Team works strategically with Expanded Learning professionals on the development of specific skills or competencies. Loosely based on the Heart of Coaching Model © by Thomas Crane, this specialized technical assistance service includes a Foundation Phase, a Feedback Loop, and a Forwarding-the-Action phase.


Need thoughtful partners and concrete strategies to address programmatic needs? The Region 4/SPAN Team collaborates with Expanded Learning professionals to focus on organizational practices to address programmatic needs. The Region 4/SPAN Team holds regular meetings and conversations with the District Coordinators and Advisory Committee, and reaches out to frontline staff for additional support at the site level.


Need a peer to temporarily guide you? The Region 4/SPAN Team can match Expanded Learning professionals with a more experienced peer to provide a personalized and supportive professional growth experience to meet your needs.

Resource brokering

Need research-based, after school-appropriate resources? The Region 4/SPAN Team provides access to policy updates, professional materials, curricula, statewide technical assistance partners, and other timely resources to keep Expanded Learning Programs abreast of emerging topics, promising practices, and tools.

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Region 4 SPAN
Alameda County Office of Education
313 W. Winton Avenue, Hayward, CA 94544

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